How Can You Help?

Volunteer at SOS!
There are plenty of opportunities to help at SOS of Ohio. You can volunteer in the office or the recovery room, you can help clean or fundraise, or more! Please fill out our Volunteer Application online. If you just have a question about volunteering, please email us at

Spay and Neuter!
The best thing you can do is SPAY and NEUTER your pets. By ensuring that your animals do not have unwanted litters, and by adopting rather than purchasing your new best friend, you will make a direct and lasting impact – helping SOS of Ohio to reduce the homeless pet population one spay or neuter at a time.

While SOS of Ohio is not an animal shelter, we do work closely with over 40 nonprofit animal rescue groups. Many of the animals that receive our services are awaiting adoption and are the result of pet owners who neglected to spay and neuter their animals. If you’re thinking of adding a pet to your family, here are five reasons to adopt your new best friend.

  1. You'll save a life
  2. You'll get a healthy pet
  3. You'll save money
  4. You'll feel better
  5. You won't be supporting puppy mills

(Read the full Humane Society of the United States article.)
Visit the Columbus Dog Connection's website for a list of Ohio shelters and rescues.

Shelter Outreach Services of Ohio
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Do you want to work with us?
How about volunteering?
Do you want to work with us?
How about volunteering?